The use of technology has impacts across a broad range of legal practice areas.  Legal counsel who understand technology at issue are better able to effectively form agreements that will serve your interests, help you comply with state and federal requirements, and mitigate any negative impacts of technology on your legal liability.  In addition, tech-savvy legal counsel can recommend technology that will have a positive impact on your business relationships and bottom line, in addition to reducing your legal liability.

Woolf McClane can help you understand and negotiate your rights and obligations under various technology-related agreements, including Business Associate, Software as a Service, Online Marketing, Bring Your Own Device, Software Licensing, Cyber Insurance, and Cloud Service and Other Vendor Agreements before or after you sign.  In addition, we can help you avoid technological pitfalls in sale-of-business transactions and estate planning.

Our attorneys are available to help you prepare for the threat of computer and information security attacks, including ransomware attacks, by providing legal liability counsel in concert with industry professionals performing technological security audits.  Our attorneys are able to help you understand applicable notification requirements as well as draft governmental, media, and customer notifications appropriate to the situation, in the event of a breach of your computer or information security.  It is helpful to have a breach response packet ready for implementation, should a breach occur.  Currently, Woolf McClane offers breach notification counsel with regard to the healthcare industry as well as state notification requirements.

Woolf McClane is also available to help bridge gaps in communication between decision-makers and those who implement solutions.  Our attorneys are comfortable working with your Internet Technology team, outside industry professionals, and other counsel.*   Woolf McClane is able to effectively communicate in the language of the board room, the courtroom, and the server room.

*When appropriate, attorneys at Woolf McClane are available to work alongside attorneys from other firms who desire assistance with the technological aspects of their cases, whether criminal or civil.

Attorneys with Experience in Cyber, Technology & Information Security