Contracts practice area - man holding pen in handA contract is a legally binding exchange of promises or agreement between parties that the law will enforce.

Woolf McClane attorneys are experienced in dealing with shareholder/buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, employment agreements, sales and marketing agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements, leases for equipment or real property, terms and conditions for invoices or other agreements with customers, agreements with vendors or suppliers, loan agreements, security agreements, promissory notes or any other type of contract or agreement dealing with their business.

Attorneys with Experience in Contracts:


Dale C. Allen | J. Nicholas Arning, Jr. | Gregory C. Logue | Richard S. Matlock | Dennis R. McClane | Daniel J. Moore | Robert P. Noell | Kevin  N. Perkey | O. E. "Sonny" Schow, IV


Grayson K. Schleppegrell | C. Eliza Scott

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