Howard E. Jarvis

Howard Jarvis will serve on a speakers panel on June 7, 2019 at the 38th Annual Conference of the American Society of Trial Consultants.  The topic of discussion will be “Genetics and Genomes: The Next Big Thing in Litigation”.

This panel will address one of the next big things for tort litigation, which is the use of genomic and biomarker evidence to prove or disprove causation in tort cases. These new forms of evidence arise from new scientific tools, and will transform proof of specific causation in tort claims, including medical malpractice and various subsets of product liability cases. This panel will begin with an expert lawyer providing examples of genomic and biomarker already used in tort cases and related rulings. He also will provide examples of some of the many fast evolving forms of genomic and biomarker evidence, including examples of  “signature mutation patterns” that can be revealed through genomic analysis of cancers.  The panel also will include trial lawyers (both plaintiff and defendant) who have utilized genomic evidence in their cases.  They and the entire panel will comment on the implications for trying individual cases to verdict, and how genomic evidence also can help either or both plaintiffs and defendants plan strategies for mass tort cases.